Thursday, 24 May 2018

The plight of Hindus in Jammu Region

Periodically it is reported that Indian Security Forces causes mayhem in the Pakistani side by their heavy retaliatory fire and recently Pakistani Rangers ''pleaded" ceasefire to BSF along the international border. This might sound true, but contrary to that, unprovoked firing was witnessed from the Pakistan side on the same day. What does it all mean? Over 700 cases of ceasefire violation by Pakistan have already been witnessed along the LOC and International border this year which has left 38 people, including 18 security personnel, dead and a dozen other injured. Thousands of people are forced to leave their villages for safer locations.

Heavy shelling in Jammu is causing severe damage to the region which is accounted. Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) along with Mehbooba Mufti’s PDP runs the government in the state. In yet another incident of ceasefire violation, the Pakistani Rangers on Monday fired mortar shells at border outpost in several villages along the border, in which an eight month’s old boy and six people including special police officer were injured in the firing. Yesterday I watched a video clip in which because of firing at a border village in Jammu a man had to carry the corpse of his brother and other villagers in the tractor trolley.

Can’t Government provide them basic amenities? BJP got majority of votes from Jammu region only, but being in government what have they done to ensure the safety and upliftment of the community? The situation is so grim that Hindus from Jammu region have started migrating to nearby places like Chandigarh, Delhi and other parts of the country. They are helpless to leave their homes behind and settle elsewhere. Forget about the development, they can’t even provide basic security cover to the community. BJP has completely surrendered to Mehbooba Mufti in the state. BJP gave nod to the ceasefire in the month of Ramzan even though Army kept stating that they cannot agree to one sided ceasefire. Central Govt. took the decision just before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu & Kashmir.In the wake of it, Army will pause it’s operations against militants during the holy month of Ramzan. The moment centre declared the ceasefire in Ramzan, the security contingent was attacked in Shopian. When Army Patrol lays ambush on terrorists, they have to face locals pelting stone on them, castigating abuse’s on them but they have to tolerate this nuance. How can Army be asked to restrain itself in such a hostile environment? Isn't their lives precious enough? For how long it is going to continue like this. It would be better if BJP snap ties with it's coalition partner and allow President’s Rule for Army to take control of the region. BJP must not forget that they received the massive mandate only due to regional hindus to whom they have failed to provide protection just to placate a separatist supporter Chief Minister.


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