Thursday, 26 July 2018

Not a Watchman, but a Collaborator: Rahul Gandhi

Neither there was there any concern of losing the no confidence motion by the Modi Government nor was there any hope of winning for the opposition. Opposition knew that arithmetic is against it and a no-confidence motion against any government is sure to be rejected. So the question is why did the opposition bring this at all? This was a purely political backdrop, in which all of them played with their big tricks. Now, whose wings will be affected more, will reflect in the forthcoming assembly elections of various states this year and general elections of 2019. Prime Minister Narendra Modi answered at the end of the debate in his usual mature style. He kept answering the questions raised by the opposition for one and a half hour. I will have to admit that Rahul Gandhi was very effective. Rahul Gandhi's speech may not have been historic, but his indications are far-reaching. Rahul is now turning into a very matured and a very wise politician. The manner, in which Rahul spoke openly against crony-capitalism for the first time, has been very much appreciated. He spoke out the names of Ambani and Adani. Earlier, Congress was accused of protecting the capitalists. This time the signals Rahul gave were clear in the Parliament. This government is a government of the capitalists, he openly accused. For the last two decades, governments have worked for corporate lobbies instead of the common man. If Rahul succeeded in hindering the tradition, it would have far reaching effect. Rahul said what people who wanted to listen. He held Modi government accountable for all the problems, incidents and failures on the part of government, and cleverly put the Modi-Amit Shah duo in a separate fold from the rest of BJP. The most important thing of his entire speech was that he dragged both the brothers Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani in Parliament on the pretext of the announcement of Geo-Mukesh Ambani and in Rafale deal-Anil Ambani. In the Parliament, such an open attack on the Ambani brothers no other politician has done before and both the merchant brothers were shown their place. Mukesh Ambani shall no longer be able to propagandize that he holds BJP in one pocket and Congress in the another. Rahul Gandhi also made it amply clear in parliament that in whose in the both pockets of Ambani’s ? Ambani has a   grip on large part of the media. And a section of the media already propagates against the congress and the entire opposition and shows what the government wants it to show. He also mentioned about the banks' debt on Ambani who had thousands of crores debt liabilities and never had the experience to make fighter aircrafts. It was a question mark as to why that Rafale's contract was transferred from the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited to Anil Ambani's company having  not make any aircraft till date? Along with Ambani brothers, Rahul directly accused Modi of working for the benefit of 10-12 industrialists. It seems that Rahul has decided to deal with this syndication, if congress comes to power. Rahul Gandhi is not only the president of congress but his role in the next election may also be the leader of the opposition coalition. In this sense, Rahul Gandhi's speech can play an important role in changing the country's politics and its directions. It may be said that Rahul raised those issues related to the public.The demonetization has ruined small and medium industries. He raised the issue of promising to bring black money from abroad and putting 15 lakh rupees in each person's account. He also put the government in the a fix on different tax rates of GST. He showed the concern of farmer’s plight and questioned farmers policy of Modi government who forfeited crores of rupees of three industrialists, Rahul put the Modi government in the dock.
Rahul Ghandi questioned the silence of the PM on important questions raised by him from time to time. Rahul said that the Prime Minister had said that I am the custodian of the country but he(PM) is a collaborator. The Prime Minister did not give any concrete answers to these burning issues in his mature speech. On behalf of the ruling party, the Prime Minister showed a sense of friendship, but the BJP accused Rahul Gandhi of misbehaving in Parliament and by giving privileged notice of abusive, it showed that the BJP is not going to give them any edge (Congress) . Congress has tried to prove by putting more emphasis on economic issues rather than raising emotional issues that the current government has failed to fulfill its promises and that the situation of the country is deteriorating rather than improving. They have exposed this addictive (jumlebaz) government. Both of them spoke very clearly in their talk and body language showed that the 2019 fight is going to be very interesting. Rahul has shown in his tactics that he is going to contest elections on anti-BJP rhetoric and on anti-modi strategy rather than BJP's aggression. With this strategy, he has also created his better image and his points are like a medication in the current hated atmosphere of the country. At the moment, it is enough to be happy that the monsoon session of Parliament has started with a positive energy. Hopefully, the rest of the session will also witness of positive-meaningful-provoking debate.
-Anil Narendra

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