Thursday, 12 July 2018

World’s most efficient and secretive intelligence agency Mossad

Israel, a small country, surrounded by Islamic countries in the Middle East and with a population of eighty five lakhs people has always been facing the challenge of fighting for its existence since its birth. For Israel life of its citizen is very precious. Israel replies in same coin to any danger or harm coming in the way of its people. Be it Israeli athletes in Munich Olympics massacre or the Israel hostage crises in Uganda, the commandos have set an example of bravery and dare to the world. Operations Entebbe and Thunder Bolt are subject of military and intelligence studies. During the Operation Entebbe the Israeli commandos and the army had rescued 54 civilians who were abducted and kept hostage at the Uganda airport. Even today, the name of Operation Entebbe comes at the top of the world's largest civil defense operations. Mossad, Israel's intelligence agency is today considered to be the world's top intelligence agency. Ruven Shiloh, a very fast driver of the Israeli army, is credited with establishing it. Very few people know that the Sovereign Diplomacy in the world, Mossad is the father of this. You cannot expect from an agency to expose the mysteries, but Mossad is an agency that shares the secret of some countries to its friendly countries. Not only that, its agents had recorded talks with former US President Bill Clinton with  Monica Lewinsky and used this information to get his support. Mossad is an agency which has a complete department dealing with psychological warfare and finds out which entity is leaking the secret nature of the operations to the media, so that fear is created in the mind of the enemies. A whole section of Mossad is engaged in the search of biological and chemical poisons and also creates scientific weapons. It is even rumored that Mossad had a hand in death of Palestinian leader Yassar Arafat by giving such poison though this has not been established beyond doubt till date. Mossad maintains confidential files of every world leader, prominent persons and similar people who have any kind of strategic alliance in the political and international arena. For example, once the Mossad agents sent a bouquet to the terrorist's wife and within minutes of that militant was killed. Mossad agents removed Arab-based nuclear scientists from the way so that the ambitions of Arab countries to make nuclear bomb could be stopped.  Women also work in Mossad but women agents decide what they have to do and what they do not want to do. In the 1960s, Mossad had infiltrated into Iran's agency Savak. These agents helped the Western rebels in Iran. Mossad was also involved in covert operations with the Indian intelligence agency RAW, and most of them are against Pakistan. Mossad's work is primarily to mobilize foreign intelligence and carry out covert operations outside Israel. Immediately after the establishment of Israel, the foundation of Mossad was laid by the first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. Mossad does not hesitate to undertake even the most daring and dangerous tasks. Recently, Israel has recovered a symbol of its national hero. Israel has been  looking for a watch  for the last 53 years. The responsibility of the search and to bring it back was entrusted to Mossad. The world's most cunning intelligence agency went to Syria and launched a search operation and found the watch. The watch belonged to Israel's National Hero Eli Cohen. Eli used to provide vital intelligence input to Israel by staying in Syria between 1960-65. In 1965 he was captured and hanged. He was responsible for the successful bombing of the Syrian gun placed on the Golan Heights. Removing these guns was a very vital task for the countries security. Since then, Mossad was busy searching his watch as the last sign of this secret agent. Mossad found the watch after 53 years. After receiving the watch, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that I admire the courage and bravery of the fighters of Mossad. The aim of the team was to bring back the sign of this great Israeli agent. Neither Israel nor Mossad gave information about where the watch (clock) was found, and by what means, and from whom?  Egypt-born Cohen went to Syria after joining Mossad, from there he used to collect intelligence. His intelligence inputs were the reason for Israeli victory in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Syria found about Cohen’s activities in 1964 and in 1965 hanged him on the crossroads. Israel appealed internationally against Cohen's execution. After the execution, no one knew the whereabouts of Cohen’s body and his belongings. There are dozens of such daring and bold cases solved by Mossad, but they don’t publicise it. Perhaps that is why it is labelled as the most daring and secretive intelligence agency of the world.
Anil Narendra
Editor The Daily Pratap, The Daily Vir Arjun and Sandhya Vir Arjun.

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