Monday, 29 June 2015

India cheated again, China defends Lakhwi

Commander of Jamaat-ud-Dawa and mastermind of Mumbai attacks Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhwi was released from jail in April last just because Pakistan failed to submit necessary records and proofs and now the initiative of Sanctions Committee of United Nations seeking clarification from Pakistan on release of Lakhwi has been upheld by China saying that India did not provide sufficient information to Pakistan. China has again betrayed India. China, being a permanent member of the Security Council, is the member of the Committee which decides action against terrorists. We should not be surprised on the attitude of China taken in United Nations about Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhwi.  This is not for the first time China has obstructed such efforts of India. India had tried to include Kashmiri terrorist and Hizbul Muzahidin leader Syed Salahuddin in the United Nations list of international terrorists in May, which was obstructed by China. At many times it has been noticed that China is strengthening its strategic pivot with Pakistan but it was not expected it will support Pakistan on such sensitive matter like terrorism. The reason is that China itself is prey to Islamic terrorism. Besides it claims to be committed towards the international treaties against terrorism. Besides being an open proof of China and Pakistan union in defending a terrorist like Lakhwi, this event depicts that Pakistan is nurturing terrorism from its land just because it is backed by China. When Lakhwi was released from jail, the nations like US, France, UK had demanded to arrest Lakhwi again expressing deep concern. Everyone knows Pakistan and China are fast friends, but supporting Pakistan is one thing and supporting terrorist gangster is another. It is a clear support to terrorism. China’s union with Pakistan regarding Lakhwi is not a new issue. History has witnessed that from the very beginning China is working on such strategy not only to limit the role of India but to obstruct its freedom and sovereignty, and progress also. China treats Pakistan as the most suitable nation for it. Aims of China and Pakistan regarding India are the same to much extent. The only difference is China wants Indian markets be full of Chinese products while Pakistan wants to ruin it. By adopting anti-India attitude in Lakhwi case, now China has made it clear it is working on well planned mission of encompass India. Now India’s priority is to combat Chinese strategy.


Anil Narendra


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