Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Ceasefire on International Border is not a Absolute Solution

Once again, trying to make consent for peace on the border is being done. Attempts are also being made to negotiate with Pakistan. But our security forces  don’t  need just ceasefire on the international border. Of course, there will be a relief for the  soldiers and the citizens, living on the border from the ceasefire on the international border but this is not an absolute solution of the problem. Our army is fighting together on three fronts, on the international border, with Intruder terrorists inside Jammu and Kashmir and with the stone-pelters. Unless there is concrete negotiation with Pakistan on these three fronts, I think there would not be a permanent solution to the problem. The firing will stop on the international border but what will happen to these militant and their supporters inside the countries ?   How much faith we can have on Pakistan?  Pakistan continues to remain hostile and sticks to  its point of view. What good is their word? Pak Rangers fired heavily on Indian posts and villages on the international border on Saturday night after agreeing to implement the 2003 ceasefire violation agreement in letter and spirit in the DGMO (Director Generals of Military Operations) level talks five days ago. Two BSF soldiers were martyred in that ceasefire violation and 14 people, including a woman, were injured also.  BSF also gave a strong response to the firing of Pakistan. There is a high alert on the border. Due to panic, local residents are forced to leave their homes and take shelter in safe places. After two days of firing, BSF and Pak Rangers agreed to keep peace on the border. After the meeting in Jammu and Kashmir, a BSF officer said, "We have made clear that if firing occurs, appropriate response will be given." At the same time, the Pak army said that there is no threat of war between India and Pakistan because both countries have nuclear power. On one hand, while Pakistan is talking of peace talks and on the other hand, the terrorists sent by them are attacking repeatedly  on the security forces and public.The terrorists hurled bombs and injured four jawans in shopian, kashmir. the militant hurled grenade on the police vehicle of Shopian Police Station near Barpora,  Official sources said . Four policemen and 10 civilians were injured in the attack. Kashmiri youths stoned heavenly on police vehicle. They attacked the  police van with sticks. It is good that the police gypsy's door did not open otherwise it would have been a disaster for our security forces. These type of incidents happen every day in this border state.  As  I said, our security forces are fighting on three fronts in Jammu and Kashmir. One-sided ceasefire has been implemented during the holy month of Ramzan In Jammu and Kashmir. The question is whether the ceasefire applies to our security forces only because neither the militant are blocking the attack nor the incident of stone pelting is decreasing. Overall, in my opinion, the concerted effort to stop the unilateral ceasefire or the shelling on the international border can’t  give the desired result, which will end violence and create a cordial atmosphere in Jammu and Kashmir. The ceasefire on the international border is good for Pakistan because its soldiers die. But in Jammu Kashmir, either terrorists die or stone-pelters youth. But we should see that till the consent of the three fronts is not made, the one-sided ceasefire is of no avail.
-Anil Narendra

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