Saturday, 18 June 2016

Baghdadi's ideology is much important rather than his death

Once again it has been reported that the world’s most dreaded and wanted terrorist kingpin Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi has been killed in an aerial attack in Raqqa in Syria. Though it’s not the first time Baghdadi’s death news has been flashed. A similar claim of Baghdadi’s arrest on 2nd December 2012 was found to be a fake one. In October 2014 again it was reported that he has been injured in Al Raqqa. His death in Mosul aerial attack in November was reported in the same year. He was reported to have been injured in an attack in Al Cam area on 20th January 2015. He escaped from Raqqa to Mosul after the bombing by Jordan on 8th February 2015. It was once again reported in an Iranian attack on 9th June 2015. However this time Iran and Turkish news agency have claimed it on Tuesday through the IS affiliated news agency Al Amak.  Baghdadi is the chief of dreaded terrorist organization Islamic State (IS). As per Iran and Turkey Baghdadi was injured in an aerial attack by the US led forces on Thursday. He succumbed on Sunday. Baghdadi was targeted when he reached Raqqa in a fleet of cars from Syria with other terrorists of the IS. Though the US alliance army has not yet confirmed the death of Baghdadi. If the news of Baghdadi’s death comes to be true, it’ll be a big blow for the IS. Due to the attacks from Syria and Iraq many territories have already slipped out of the grip of the IS. Its supply of rations and weapons has also been stopped. Illegal sale of oil from the areas occupied by it has been stopped too much extent. Baghdadi had taken the command of Islamic State of Iraq in 2010. He is responsible for more than half million deaths. He had declared a Khilafat Empire in the world on 29th June 2014. Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi built up  such a dreaded terrorist organization just within a decade. After the collapse of Saddam Hussain Empire in Iraq war in the year 2003, he took the path of Jihad and became a threat for the entire world in just one decade. As per his autobiography in the year 2013 Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi, pursuing a Ph.D. from the Baghdad University was not a Jihadi from the beginning. He was a Maulvi earlier and was extremely popular among the youth. But after the ending of the Saddam era, within some years he established the fear of the Islamic State over the major portions of Syria and Iraq taking advantage of the racial clash. After the Sunni rule of Saddam in Iraq,Shia majority Iraq was over, he helped Jamaat Jaesh Ahal al-Sunna in establishing the Jamaat organization, where he was the chief of the Sharia Committee. In the year 2006 Baghdadi joined Mujahidin Shura Council along with his companions. He named the Shura Council organization as Islamic State of Iraq later in 2010. He became a big threat after the death of al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden in 2011. IS started consolidating his hold over other Jihadi organizations opposing Syrian President Basher Al-Assad. It is said that many anti-Assad governments including Saudi Arabia, Qatar provided the IS with weapons and other assistance in the initial round, but it became a threat for the entire world just within five years. Baghdadi enforced Islamic laws in the territory occupied by it. He spread terror by chopping off  the heads of foreign hostages and releasing its videos. Making women of Yazdi and other minority group sex slaves exposed to the cruellest face of its organization before the world. If Al-Baghdadi is really killed, it is the strategic win of not only of the US but also of the peace loving people of the entire world. But it’s also the bitter truth that this win can’t guarantee peace. The real question is not of Baghdadi being killed, since if the fake claim of the Islamic Empire goes on attracting the people and they have hatred within them against the Islamic and non Islamic countries including the western nations disagreeing with them, not a single but thousands of Baghdadis will be born and there will be a new Abu Bakar among them, so Baghdadi is not such a threat instead it is the ideology which nits a dream contrary to other western nations including the US and invites the people to trap in the net and to die and kill. Generally it is said that the people lean towards the terrorism that are educated less and don’t have proper knowledge about the religion. But if there was a person named Baghdadi and has been killed, it was he, who is reported to be a Ph.D. in Islamic Studies from the Baghdad University i.e. having the sound knowledge in the Islam. For it he should also have the knowledge of other religions and respect towards them just like Dara Shikoh. The generosity will be stable only if it has the support of such a democratic political system which is committed to maintain democracy in the entire world, mutual harmony and also supporting a global democratic structure. Anyway if the news of Baghdadi being killed is correct, the IS will surely respond to it. Hope and pray that  the Football Cup in Europe is not targeted next?

Anil Narendra

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