Tuesday, 21 June 2016

China too admits India is close to enter NSG

India is all set to enter the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group (NSG). China, so far creating obstacles, too has admitted that India is near the membership of the NSG. China believes that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has got support from the US, Switzerland, Mexico and Great Britain but the Indian entry into this group will shake the strategic balance within South Asia. Besides it will endanger peace in the entire Asia Pacific area. It also said its all time associate Pakistan will be left behind. The nuclear balance between India and Pakistan will break. China has admitted that the US is the main reason for the growing  support to India for becoming a NSG member. It says that the India got support of some nations due to US treat as its associate nation. China has the real problem with the fact that if India becomes the member of the NSG, it will increase its dominance in South Asia. China, treating India weaker, lower than itself doesn’t want to treat it as an equal. Indian membership may also enhance the US intervention in the neighbourhood, fears China. Although it’s not a case of a veto here but the sole condition of NSG is “mutual consent”. So its consent is a must. China is now provoking small nations like Pakistan along with resorting to  direct pressure. Amongst these New Zealand has come out  in favour of India changing its side. Probably Turkey and Africa may also stand with us. Behind the US support is also  its diplomacy and economic policy. It wants to place India equal to China.  Besides it wants to install three nuclear reactors in India. Being a member of the NSG India will get nuclear technology, nuclear material required and uranium without any special agreement. It will also get assistance from the member nations in disposal of wastes generated by nuclear plants. India will be equal to China in South Asia. India will have the biggest advantage that if India gets the NSG membership, it will enhance its status. This Nuclear Suppliers’ Group was formed in the year 1975 after the atomic test by India in 1974, i.e. if India becomes the member of the club started for opposing India, it’ll be a big achievement for it. India will get the status of a nuclear powered nation. If India becomes the member of this exclusive club it’ll be an achievement of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

-        Anil Narendra

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