Monday, 13 June 2016

Modi Magic in the US

The address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the joint session of the US Congress was not only appreciated in both the nations but the US lawmakers have even named his speech as Modi Doctrine. It is amazing that Modi was also surprisingly praised the Pak Media too. It doesn't mean that when Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru had addressed this House in 1949, his language, style and sense was not worse than PM Modi. Whatever Pt. Nehru spoke in the perspective of challenging continuing before the world after the Second World War was a speech written by a totally ideological pen. Dollar and atomic bomb i.e. the prosperous and powerful nation US was then expecting from Nehru that as a leader of the democratic nation he can be a good friend of the US. In 1985 the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's address had an expectation of technical assistance and a complaint of Pakistani support to the terrorism in the South Asia especially in Punjab. Prime Minister Narsimha Rao was in the US in 1994 at such a time when the republics of the Soviet Union had been shattered and the cold war had begun. Prime Minister Rao was a pragmatic leader. He started the new economy and the process of economic reforms in the country. The US was expecting from India and India was also expecting that if the US has remained the single super power, the possibilities of mutual co-operation should be explored.  When Atalji addressed this House in the year 2000, both the nations had engaged in exploring the possibilities with each other by then. Vajpayee-Clinton had a Vision 2000 Agreement and the US was being felt as a strong friend of India against China. Dr. Manmohan Singh addressed the joint session in 2005 and wished good relations with the US.India has always insisted that the US treat India and Pakistan at par.The US has been tilting towards Pakistan.
The situation has now totally changed. Not only so, during the 45-minute address of the Prime Minister Modi the congressmen stood eight times and clapped almost 60 times. The address of the PM is being treated as balanced and effective just because the bilateral relations today between the US and India have become the symbols of strength not of compulsion, since the foundation of this relation is based on trust. Atalji had of course said in his address that both the nations are natural associates to each other but such strong foundation of trust between the two nations was not established by then. Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his views on terrorism, maritime areas, economic co-operation and sovereignty in such a manner that was really unique. Almost all the Prime Ministers have said in their speech that a strong India is in favour of the US but seldom had it been clapped then, but Prime Minister Modi has today made his own image that the Congressmen trust his words.Prime Minister Modi has proved that as much India needs US today, just as the US too needs India. If the US is serious on control over terrorism, economic development, minimizing regional power imbalance, it will have to hold India with trust and faith. Modi has today made the US feel that if it co-operate with India, it will not be disappointed.
China says that India should follow the Non-alignment policy, should not indulge in alignment, it's not the diplomacy, it is craftiness. China warped the enmity against the Non-aligned India and succeeded, if all these are remembered one by one, it'll itself get the answers of its allegations. China had assumed India such a weak and helpless during the UPA regime that it staked its claim over Arunachal Pradesh, started issuing stapled visas to the people of Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. It started constructing ports in Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and occupying maritime areas so that India should feel itself surrounded. Defaming Indian companies was crafted by putting pressure over the governments abroad. Not so enough, Chinese mind got so bad that it started to get it written by its tamed think tanks that India should be dissolved into many parts. Truth is that China compelled India to have an option for its security. Besides, the US needed India due to the expansionist whims of China.Just a day after the address of the Prime Minister Modi, chaos was created in the Pakistani Senate that the way the US Congress called the Indian Prime Minister to address it and the way he was welcomed represents the importance the US gives India. Pak Senate fears that if India enters once in NSG, Pakistan will never be able to be its member.
Pakistan's fear is factual. The role the US has played in becoming a member of MCTR to India is itself an example. No nation can oppose India due to the US.  The way the US and its supporting nations have united for the membership of Nuclear Supply Group (NSG) makes it clear that China will not be able to oppose beyond its limits. The US Secretary of State John Kerry's insistence to Chinese leaders not to oppose India proves this fact.
However, if the relations between India and the US have got such strength of trust and faith, its credit goes to Indian Culture and Foreign Policy also. The miraculous role of the Prime Minister is related to his leadership competency. India always wanted to keep normal relations with the US but the Indian leaders did not trust America because of its pro-Pak policies. While on the other hand the army of anti-US think tanks in India always used to provoke the South Block; and whosoever were neutral remained passive. Amidst all this India had always an image that it never attacked any nation after independence and its nuclear policy is not just for peaceful purpose, it's based on "No First Use". Therefore our culture of non-violence makes us different from the world. May be Indian soldiers died in 1965 and 1971 of US tanks and cartridges, India never adopted the diplomacy of active polarization against the US. It is another thing that the non-alignment tradition of India was used by the anti-US powers. In all Prime Minister Modi by saying it that forgetting what happened in the history we should adopt the way of co-operation ahead, cleared that infinite ways have opened co-operation between two nations now. Both the nations will co-operate for preservation and promotion of each other's national interests trusting each other. It is the reflection of the increasing bilateral relations between two countries that one day after the address of PM Modi a bill has been placed in the House of Representatives which provides for according the status of "Special Global Associate Nation".
Anil Narendra

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