Monday, 4 July 2016

14th terrorist attack in Turkey this year

Europe is now  fully vulnerable to terrorism. On Tuesday evening, suicide assailants equipped with automatic rifles fired recklessly at Kamal Ataturk International Airport in the Turkish capital Istanbul killing 41 people which included foreign nationals also. As per reports it was a suicide attack. Three assailants came in a taxi and started firing recklessly on the travellers. On cross firing by the police the assailants blasted themselves in explosion. Terrorist attacks are on increase in Turkey. At least 14 terrorist attacks have been made in the past one year. More than 200 people have died in it. Out of these at least eight attacks were made by the Kurd fighters. Besides it the IS has been behind the attacks in the crowded famous areas. IS has also made terrorist attacks in many big cities in Europe. There are many similarities in the terrorist attacks made at Brussels in Belgium in the last few days and Istanbul, which may be treated as a proof of involvement of the same militant group. In both the attacks, there were three assailants. In both the attacks, two terrorists fired recklessly at the airport and then exploded themselves. While in Brussels the third terrorist made suicide attack at the nearby metro station, in Istanbul the third terrorist exploded himself in the parking lot. While Europe is grappling with the fear results of the terrorist attacks, Turkey is especially insecure. Turkey is situated at the border of Asia and Europe and is a centre of movement between the two. Its borders meet with Iraq and Syria, where many territories are ruled by the Islamic State (IS). Refugees moving to Europe from Syria and Iraq also pass through Turkey and it is probable that amongst these refugees there may be some terrorists also. Turkey has faced attacks in the past due to this. It is also important that Ataturk International Airport is the biggest in Turkey and the third busiest airport in Europe. As per the website of the airport, 4 crore and 10 lakh passengers passed through here last year. It is also noteworthy that Istanbul was attacked at such a time during the month of Ramzan which is considered to be a sacred month for the Muslims. In the past few days Taliban also created terror in Afghanistan, that too in the month of Ramzan. In fact, Islam is used only for its cartelisation and fulfilling its aims by the Taliban and the IS. There is no match between the principles of Islam and religious faiths as practised by the  Muslim community and what is being preached by these terrorist organisations. It is clear with the arrest of 11 suspect terrorists in Hyderabad after the terrorist attack in Turkey that while terrorists are enhancing their counter action after the increasing attacks in West Asia, the circle of their activities is also expanding. Though no militant group has taken the responsibility of the Istanbul attack, the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has claimed the IS to be behind it and also said that this attack is going to be critical for fight against the terrorism. It is clear that Turkey, objecting over the Russian partnership in attacks over Syria and bombing down the Russian plane, would be forced to think over the attack and it would have to change its approach and strategy. It would have to stop the difference between the good and bad terrorism. In the last few days when the news of gunning down the IS chief Al Baghdadi was flashed in the western media and taking its credit the US President Barak Obama had claimed to finish the top leadership of the group, it appeared that the IS has been weakened but the recent attack showed that despite some financial and leadership loss its attacking capacity is intact. This attack also means that the IS has become stronger instead. Undoubtedly it is being demolished from Iraq and Syria but it doesn’t mean that the world should start underestimating it. Islamic State supporters are spread over many countries of the world and they may strike attack in desperation. So it is also necessary that all the nations of the world should pay much attention over their security and enhance mutual co-operation against the terrorism. Coming days may be much challenging!

-        Anil Narendra

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