Saturday, 23 July 2016

Aftermath of failed coup

Having successfully tackled the coup attempt in Turkey President Tayyip Erdogan has proclaimed emergency in the country. Extremely strong steps are being taken to crush the revolt he has declared an emergency for three months. After a five hour long five hour long meeting of the National Security Council, Erdogan said that the emergency has been proclaimed to root out the conspiracy against the democracy. The president ruled out the allegation of the western countries which said he is taking strong steps to crush the revolt. Some steps taken by Erdogan are really shocking. 95 teachers have been removed from the Istanbul University alone. Over hundred army generals have been arrested. As per Turkish government, eight thousand police officers have been suspended suspected for being involved in coup attempt. Besides about 6000 people affiliated to the army and judiciary have been taken into custody. These include army officer upto the rank of general. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken a vow to extract the rebelling viruses from the government establishments. The Turkish government claims that the cleric Fehtullah Gulen is behind the conspiracy of the coup. Gulen is also alleged, was behind the conspiracy of the coup against Erdogan with the help of the CIA. Rumours are also that two alleged US intelligence agency CIA agents having been arrested. However, Gulen has denied his involvement in any manner in the coup attempt. On Monday, the state media confirmed that more than 100 generals and admirals have been arrested throughout the country. On Sunday, Erdogan said that his government is also considering reinstating the capital punishment. Capital punishment was abolished in Turkey in the round of joining the European Federation (NATO) in 2004. Nobody has been punished with it since 1984. Erdogan has also demanded the repatriation of 75 years old cleric Fahtullah Gulen from the US. Turkish government has alleged Gulen of attempting to start a system parallel to the government. The US has told Turkey to share if it has any evidence against the cleric Gulen. Turkish Prime Minister Binati Childirich declared the coup attempt as a black spot in the democratic history of Turkey. He informed that 161 common men have died and 1440 persons have been injured. As per state media 2745 judges have been removed including the judges of the apex court. Turkey it seems will have a lot of political turmoil and unrest in the days to come. The aftermath of the failed coup may have serious long term effects.

-        Anil  Narendra


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