Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Its virtually a Civil War in the US

As the presidential elections are nearing in the US, the  internal situation is turning from bad to worse.  The situation today is that most states of the US are vulnerable to violence. Some states have even reached a civil war like situation. Five policemen were killed in an ambush attack by the snipers during a protest demonstration on Thursday night in Texas province. Seven people were wounded while more than one thousand people were injured in the attack. The main suspect of the attack was killed in the police encounter. The police even closed the US Congress on Friday. The attack in Dallas city of Texas occurred at such a time when some people were demonstrating in protest of a Black having been gunned down. This is considered to be the worst attack  so far on US security persons. Racial violence in the US has increased by about 16 per cent within last five years. More than 250 Blacks were killed last year alone. Most of the blacks were killed in California. Besides it, more than 100 hate groups have also increased in a year. Most of the hate groups are in New York. The number is feared to grow more than one thousand soon. As such the internal violence has become the biggest challenge for the US rather than the  terrorist attacks within the country. Dallas Police Chief David Brown told that about 800 people had come to demonstrate and protesting against the death of two blacks in the police firing. Due to the protest, one hundred police officers were deputed at the spot. Four gunmen amongst the protestors attacked by ambushing  the  policemen and firing from sniper positions from a high place. Gunmen fired on 11 policemen. One among the suspects was killed by  a robot bomb by the police. Firing between the police and the gunmen lasted for 45 minutes. He told the people  that the killed assailant talking to the police that he wanted to kill the whites, especially the policemen. However, he was killed by a robot bomb for not surrendering before the police even after long time. What triggered the protests? A black youth named Philando Castile died in police firing in Minnesota on Wednesday. Philando was fired upon by the white  police officer in his own car. Just after the incident his fiancée Diamond Reynolds uploaded the video on the Facebook. It shows four year old daughter of Diamond seated on the rear seat of the car seeing the whole incident. As per the fiancée, police stopped the car just for a having a broken light. In another incident  a  person named Alton was killed after the clash with two police officers in Louisiana on Tuesday. This video also appeared on the social media. After these two incidents a protest was demonstrated in Dallas. The US President Barak Obama had gone to Warsaw, the capital of Poland to attend the NATO summit. After the firing incident he said that this attack is hatred-creating. It has disturbed the US. I will take the assailants to the court of justice. Before reaching Warsaw he said that the fatal firing on the blacks discloses the racial discrimination. Obama also said that probability of detention of Africans-Americans is 30 per cent more rather than the whites. Probability of search after detention of these people is more by triple. It is noteworthy that about 102 blacks have fallen prey to police firing in 2015. 37 per cent of these were unarmed.

– Anil Narendra

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