Monday, 18 July 2016

The world needs a united front to combat Islamic Terrorism

France has once again been a victim of terrorist attack. Within eight months after the horrific attacks on Paris (14th November 2015) falling prey to such attacks should be a matter of concern for not only France but the entire world also. For France, 14th July is Bastille Fall Day or National Day. Targeting the celebration of Bastille Day in Nice city shows that that IS ideology inspired Islamic terrorist attacks are on the rise in all the countries of the world. If was feared that as the IS weakens in Syria and Iraq, it will resort to terrorist attacks in the entire world to show its impact. The attacks on France within last one and half year should have made the security and intelligence agencies of France more vigilant and observant thereafter. Its security lapses during the Paris attack had been pointed out , in the investigation report. In Nice attack too the way the terrorist entered the city driving the truck at the speed of 100 km/hour he needed to be stopped and checked but it did not seem to be so. As per Marco Barsoti, enjoying the fireworks of Bastille Day with his girlfriend, at 11 pm all of a sudden a white coloured refrigerator truck entered the huge crowd in the most beautiful road of the city Promenade des Angeles. People began to run here and there. We ran to corner to save our life. Many people fell on each other. The truck went on trampling down the people upto 2 kms. Blood scattered all around. So far 84 people have been killed and 120 people are reported to be injured in this attack. These also include many women and children. Dozens of injured have been worrisome. The police on the spot killed down the driver terrorist. A biker even tried to stop the 31 year old driver, a French-Tunis citizen Mohammed Lahouaiej Bouhlel but failed. The assailant ravaged the orgy of death on road for 25 minutes. He was firing also. Later on the police surrounded the truck and killed the assailant. Claiming the responsibility of the attack, IS have also posted the pictures of the celebration on the social media. We have seen the pictures of celebrations of attacks from Brussels, Orlando, Dhaka to Istanbul. Still has not the time come when the world honestly unites against the Islamic terrorism? Shouldn’t it overcome the difference between the bad and good terrorism? IS is constantly being claimed to be weak, despite it some Muslim youth inspired with its ideology are making suicide attacks in the entire world. The Nice terrorist was also such a person. The way he was firing after crushing people and getting down from the truck shows that he was prepared to die. No one knows that where so many crazy obsessive are sitting in what garb. It may be said that IS has changed its strategy after weakening in Iraq-Syria. Now it has concentrated on terrorist attacks from place to place. Suicide attacks using vehicles to target innocent people seems to be the latest strategy of the Islamic State. Security forces in Iraq and Syria have the advantage that they can see the enemy in front and make air and ground assault directly. But preventing terrorist attacks on Brussels, Orlando, Dhaka, Nice and Istanbul is impossible because they live within the general public, look just like them. Such sleeper cells keep quiet for years and strike on their own time. Sadly, the world is still not united against this Islamic terrorism. The terrorists are fully utilizing the liberal European policies. It’s a matter of satisfaction that since the Modi government has come to power, not a single major terrorist attack happened in India. Leave aside Jammu & Kashmir where the game is different, the rest of India is still safe. Internet has become the great means of the terrorist groups today. Youth in many countries having been inspired by the terrorist publicity are joining the IS. The Nice attack shows that a single terrorist can create such havoc.  This is a new challenge and  to counter it the entire world would have to unite against this rising Islamic terrorism otherwise attacks like Nice would be continuing.

-        Anil Narendra

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